What if you’re wrong?


What if you’re wrong?

What if she isn’t crazy?

Isn’t stupid?

Isn’t abusive?

Isn’t a bitch?

Isn’t worthless?

What if she’s trying?

What if her trying is good enough?

What if your anger isn’t her fault?

What if you are getting out of control?

What if it’s not too late?

What if you see it?

What if you can change it?

What if it’s worth it?

What if you’re wrong?


5 thoughts on “What if you’re wrong?

  1. People say: “This or that or them, or he or she or it, made me (fill in the blank with some emotion).”
    The fact is: their perception of this or that or them, or he or she or it, got them feeling that way; therefore, they are the one that controls it, not some outside force.
    Change your perceptions & attitudes about something and you *may* be able to change your feelings about it.
    Cognitive therapy at it’s best.

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