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Hallie wrote a post about the death of Robin Williams and her feelings about it. It’s an excellent post and very thought provoking. Check it out, but also, I commented over there and this is my comment:

Life is a journey for some, and a dental visit for others.

Everybody likes to see the end result, the beautiful smile, but no one cares about the pain that formed that smile. Of the countless hours of agony.

Constantly trying to convince yourself the expense, time, and energy spent creating your “smile” aka “life” is worth it. All the pain, revision after revision, trying to be perfect, or at least okay…maybe not okay to the world, but okay to yourself. Yet time after time, effort after effort, the world thinks its great, and yet you see the same face in the mirror.

It’s exhausting and defeating and at times unbearable. He showed the world a beautiful smile. Those who miss him ache for the beauty, but we need to also recognize the pain he must have endured, and we should appreciate the strength he fought for so long with. He is free now. Heaven, hell, nothing, I don’t know…but I long for freedom too.

Please talk with me in the comments people! Tell me your thoughts on life, death, suicide, celebrity, etc. I need distraction from my mind.


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  1. What a great metaphor; it makes so much sense. I’m sad that Robin Williams died. It was certainly a shock. However, despite all he left behind, he is in a better place. I’m sure he’s happy now that he’s free.

    • Thank you.

      I honestly don’t know if I believe in heaven anymore. I used to, but I realize that it doesn’t matter for this situation. He doesn’t hurt anymore regardless of what happens after death.

      Even if hell is real, and he went there for some unknown reason, when you live your life in constant emotional/mental pain, even physical pain or torture can be a relief.

      That’s part of why people cut, or endure abuse, or abuse drugs or alcohol. It’s escape. Pure and simple. Life itself is hell for some of us.

  2. One of my more favorite roles with Robin Williams is in “Peter Pan”. While they didn’t show it in this version of the story, I’ve always *loved!* Peter’s response in the cave when Captain Hook is about to kill him: “To die would be a great adventure!” – which also reflects my own views regarding spirituality, a god, and all the works.

    “The older I get the more dead people I know,” is a quote I sometimes say. “And the last person you’ll know is you.” All of us tend to agree. :/

    Nothing is forever.

    In terms of infinity, what is this short stretch?

    My rules of Acquisition:
    1) You spend the first part of your life learning to acquire;
    2) You spend the 2nd acquiring friends & things;
    3) You spend the 3rd part of your life trying to keep what you acquired;
    4) Then you spend the last part in learning to let go.

    Suicide? I can see that as a way out. It’s too bad we don’t have euthanasia centers (unless you count the VA, LO bitter L’s). They could check you in and check you out; make sure you were mentally stable and such . . . and then just ease you on. None of this ad hoc stuff we have to try when we’ve reached the end of our tolerance and there is no cure for the pain.

    Of course you could always go and volunteer to help the ebola patients. That way you’d be doing some good . . . before the end. (Nasty end, that, but that’s what those euthanasia centers are for, lol.)

    Keep on Hobblin’ Hobbler. We will miss him much (Robin Williams). But he’s not gone. 🙂 Not in my opinion.

    • His smile lives on. That’s the part everyone wanted to see. I don’t miss him. I didn’t know him, but I will miss his brilliance and his smile and his ways of making people smile.

      Euthanasia centers are so needed. Yes, get checked out before you check out. I believe in proactive life and proactive death. No waiting around till someone’s wiping your drool or ass, and no living a life of excruciating pain trying to make other people happy. Enough.

      Have you ever noticed that it’s always us “crazy” ones who can see the deeper truth?

      • “Have you ever noticed that it’s always us “crazy” ones who can see the deeper truth?”

        Some people live in bubbles – bubbles of society & mind; their own way of thinking. My brother is one. He has drank the kool-aid, as they say. A lot of bubbles are financial; some are politically based. You know the kind: they go around farting fairy dust & rainbows. And some people can’t handle the truth. They. Just. Can’t. Envision it! Period. Others have not lived our lives. Some have gotten a decent hand in life (from our view). They just have no idea what it’s like.

        But – they are human, so we gotta accept them, and being “us” – just keep on shoving that truth down their throats until it hurts either us or them. :/ What can I say? We’re crazy like that, you & me. WTF, why not, whutta we got to lose & all that – and sometimes it works!

        BTW: me & the guys have been “studying up on a problem” (the Middle East – sighing – as tho’ ‘we’ could actually DO something, LOL!). So we’re deep into studies regarding the culture & things (morals, values, etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum, LOL!) – cuz’ that’s what we were meant to do there at the very beginning, lol!
        Until later, Hobbler. 😀 The kids are being wild (lots of inside laughter – we LOVE studying stuff!)

        • Get those boys back to the books! You have to read my latest post sometime though. Fit it into your studies, but I need it to go viral. It feels like I was made to do it. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    • Which is why there should be euthanasia clinics or something where you go, get checked out by professionals, have to wait a certain period if time during which you can contact loved ones and give them a chance to say goodbye or talk you out of it or remind you of why you want to do it.

      Suicide is not selfish. It is desperation. Family hurts either way. You hurt either way. In many suicidal acts, there is an element of heroics in their mind. It saves loved ones years of suffering because if you are the problem. If you are the reason your loved ones hurt, the end of you is the end of their pain.

      I think that it is a touchy subject, but it is a necessary one.

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