Bringing awareness for PD (Proactive Death)

Robin Williams recently passed away. More accurately, Robin Williams recently killed himself in a manner which would be considered “cruel and unusual” punishment for criminals.

Why, with all the resources, human rights, medications, etc.? Why does a person with plenty of money, resources, etc have to resort to something like that? Why do people with terminal, excruciating and humiliating illnesses have to watch helplessly as they deteriorate?

Why does everyone talk about how suicide is a tragedy? Because it is, even though it doesn’t have to be.

There are millions of self-help books which reference proactive living. Planning ahead is considered wise when planning for kids college, or preparing a will, or buying insurance, yet planning ahead for your own death means you’re unstable, in need of counseling or psychiatric care.

This, my dear readers, is absolute bullshit. We can buy burial plots, we can sign advance directives, we can even pick out our caskets long before we pass away. Why then can we not also determine the time, place, and method of our departure? Oh, that’s right, we can determine that…

As long as we do it in a secret, cruel and unusual sort of way.

We can plan our retirement, but we have to wait as long as possible before some terminal condition takes our independence, bladder control, sanity, and dignity.

I don’t get it. There is no way I can do this alone people. I am more than willing to be the first person to proactively “pass away”, but there are lots of people who need/want/deserve it sooner than I do. Please help me!

I’m wanting to get legislation advocating for the freedom to choose when/how to die. Human rights, pro-choice, senior citizen, disability, and many other advocates should be all over this. Please, reblogging this post or the prior one will help. Social media, news outlets, something, please. I can’t do this alone.

67 thoughts on “Bringing awareness for PD (Proactive Death)

  1. good luck… the problem is exactly what Robin demonstrates… people with horrible, terminal illness should be allowed to end it… when they have no quality of life… but not everybody withy a chemical imbalance that makes them depressed. Because that might be cured any day now. But who gets to decide who can and can’t, or when they can?

      • Sure! Anyone is free to appoint themselves as a spokesperson for a subject of their choosing. The problems, as I see it, are most people lack the drive and ambition to fulfill a goal. And it takes a lot of inner strength to do so, especially on such a controversial subject like this. You have to develop a thick skin against your detractors. There may be times when you are ate up with doubt. But those are the times to be strong & not fold it up, take you toys and go home. It can be hard to do. Easy to give up. But . . . yes – you can do it, if you are committed to your cause and can get enough people around you to start a movement towards your goal.

  2. We tell children to stay in school because they will be better served than if they do what they want to as children. Parents guide children because children have not seen as much of life and consequences as parents have.

    Aren’t we still in “school”? We are still learning life’s lessons.

    What if before this was paradise? What if after this was paradise? What if here was the only opportunity we would ever have to experience the hard things? What if the hard things are the only things we can grow from? What if the hard things we do help others grow?

    Too often we make a lot of these choices without thinking beyond comfort now and without considering what we have still to learn from life’s lessons. Think immunization. Medicine and relative duration to the rest of life.

    I am pretty sure I would be cranky if my life were worse than it is, but I would still think about these things.

    • Thinking about all of the pros and cons, as well as the various interpretations is imperative to anything. My only question for you is what if you’re wrong?

      I appreciate your taking the time to explore this movement. There are definitely many “cons” but there are many benefits to proactively ending your own death.

      I hope to explore the subject more in upcoming posts.

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