I know I posted it before, but I had to again. Long story…enjoy.20140702-204258.jpg

I dreamed of you last night.

Your intoxicating smell.

Your fullness.

I’m captivated by your steaming body.

I need to feel your warmth on my tongue.

I hunger for you.

The sticky sweet juice dripping down your body.

Melting in my mouth.

Stimulating every ounce of my being.

Your taste is exquisite.

It excites and overwhelms me.

I need to see you.

Smell you.

Taste you.

Fill me with your warmth.

Your depth.

Your love.

I lust after you.

I want to explore every fold with my fingertips.

Devour every drop of your satisfying wetness.

I need you inside me.

Fill this emptiness.

Satisfy this craving.

I’m desperate for you.

Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way about cinnamon rolls.

17 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. it’s getting hot in here 😉

    Ok, never had a cinnamon roll, I’ll add it to the list of things to eat when I am over there, from other bloggers posts I already have to try Funyons and Pizza rolls.

    And in answer to your question earlier on my blog, I often laugh myself silly when writing something, but then I never go back to it afterwards, I just write and post, never editing apart from spelling mistakes.

    It has to be what I feel at the time, if it ends up being nonsense after then so be it, you can’t edit your thoughts or speech so why do it just because I typed them out. It wouldn’t be a true reflection of me otherwise, it would be one I had honed to either appeal to others or because I was worried I would be posting nonsense – luckily I am not (not worried about posting nonsense that is as I know I most certainly do post nonsense)

    • Never had a cinnamon roll? The shame! What the hell England? Get with the program!

      Ok, FO foods you have to try when you’re here:

      Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. It’s a whole dining facility dedicated to the art of making people enjoy getting fat.

      Blue Bunny Birthday party icecream. Sweet satisfaction. Definitely not for diabetics.

      Yes, you should try Funyuns, and pizza rolls. No sense going back to your home country without a little blockage to your arteries.

      You’ve had fresh pineapple right? Heaven’s gift to us mere mortals.

      Fresh corn on the cob. With butter and salt…hardcore food porn material, (not in a nasty way, although I’m sure it’s out there) but you probably have that at home too.

      Oh, coconut shrimp is another must if you haven’t already had it.

      Even your nonsense is glorious Joe. I typically don’t worry too much about what I post, although “reality check” was a difficult one. I overanalyze most posts after the fact, but some, like this one, just demand my re-reading due to the happy factor, it simply makes me laugh. 😉

      • Of course, best pineapple is in Thailand, so delicious

        I hate sweetcorn, one of the two foods I really hate

        love the sound of coconut shrimp.

        I am on a diet now for three months so I can eat loads out there.

        • How could you hate sweet corn? I’m not sure we can be friends anymore…

          Ok. I guess I’ll let it slide. Dieting before the trip is a brilliant idea, but don’t let your stomach shrink too much or you won’t be able to fit all the good stuff, like deep fried…pretty much anything is good deep fried. Also make sure you save room for a trip down the candy aisle.

          • Candy yes, but not cholcoate. Your Hersheys sucks, it isn’t chocolate at all.

            I am willing to send food parcels for anyone in America wanting proper chocolate.

            Corn gets stuck in your teeth, it’s sickly sweet, ugh, get it off of my plate!

            • Yum! I want proper chocolate!

              We have some weird other brands of chocolate too, with things like lemon pepper, jalapeño, sea salt, etc. The one with jalapeño is actually kind of good. I didn’t try lemon pepper. Just got it for my husband to taste test. 😉

              Shhh with your corn bashing. They have ears you know. Do you even like popcorn?

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