Wonderful News!

Someone finally asked me why I want to die! It’s starting…


I went to two of the stores I frequent most and asked if my dogs can use their stores as training grounds for becoming service dogs. I want our min pin imposter to be capable of opening manual doors, picking up dropped items, pulling items off the lower shelves in stores, and being good. Our smaller dog rides on my lap in stores and I would like her to be able to pull items off midrange shelves.

My hands are growing dangerously numb. Like don’t know they’re in the fire numb. Multiple sclerosis always affected me from the waste down until a few years ago when my fingers started getting numb. Now it’s both of my entire hands.

I’m probably going to have to invest in some Dragon Naturally Speaking software for writing soon, so prepare for lots of typos.

Anyway, so a store employee asked me why I want to die. I explained how I want to plan my death just like people do weddings or funerals. I explained that I would like to pull the plug before my kids are wiping my ass. The only arguments I can possibly conceive are all religiously based. Why the un-religious members of society haven’t already pushed for this is beyond me.

I also got a chance to talk to a neighbor about this.

Bottom line though, I desperately need a lawyer. Has to be pro bono, but the publicity alone will be payment enough.

I spoke with the city attorney about it, and will post more from that conversation later, but I have a much bigger plan that I definitely need a lawyer before I implement.

Th city attorney recommended I speak with lawyers who are used to dealing with wills and stuff. So, if anyone knows a lawyer who is open minded, wants interesting cases, and willing to work for publicity, please direct them to me.

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    • Forgive me if I’ve already asked, but what is your disability? Also, how is it in Australia being in a chair? Any ideas for a provocative tshirt that would get people talking? Tell me more about you please. Not the “about page” stuff, the deeper you…

      • Alright but give me a moment.
        I have Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy which is a less aggressive (thank fuck) form of muscular dystrophy. Only now at the ripe age of 25 am I transitioning into a wheelchair (can still walk around indoors just not at any great distance). Unfortunately I can’t propel myself (ALL muscles in my body are gradually deteriorating) in a manual chair so I’ve only really quite recently organised all the documentation for an electric chair. Tried one out and had all my measurements done and of course what I’ll require. Can’t wait for independance!
        $12000 with $8000 being covered via government funding so our whole free healthcare thing is umm pretty fucking fantastic. Sadly our current government is trying to abolish it because you know something something financial crisis (which Australia never even experienced?)…
        ~20% of people with LGMD also have cardiomyopathy (heart failure) and guess what I’m just THAT lucky. I had a defibrillator (in case of arrhythmia) implanted April last year which doesn’t bother me at all anymore.
        After a long stint in hospital I now take 27 pills a day and I experience no symptoms of heart failure so that’s good. Never had to pay for a thing – each one of my meds is about $6 for a month – which I am truly thankful for as myself and my family would never have enough money to cover the quality of care and treatment I’ve received. I’m an outpatient at the Alfred Hospital which is Australia’s best cardiac hospital located in Melbourne. Victoria tends to have more liberal policies and better services for people with disabilities so I can’t complain. I am a white privileged Australian man so I have little to complain about anyway.
        Umm oh yeah and hopefully fingers crossed I’ll be moving into public housing – a fully modified home with another room for my sister who will eventually need to provide care for me.
        One day I’ll need a ventilator to breath for me and I won’t be able to eat solid food so I do care about my quality of life at that stage. Hopefully in the future euthanasia will be legal as currently some smaller political parties have championed it’s cause. I vote for the Australian Sex Party… he he he.
        I have tons of friends here from highschool and I go out regularly and still drink socially well enough or more then I should. Been able to pursue relationships as well so yeah. THANKFUL to say the least. Melbourne was just voted the most livable city for the fourth year in a row and I simply love it here.

        • So, sex…hmmm, don’t know exactly how to phrase this…

          A disabled friend and I were talking about sex while disabled. In hypothetical land we all could get together and have some kind of orgy on wheels. Purely research for a book I’m writing of course. I’m just curious as to the “wheelchair effect” from a man’s standpoint.

          How has being disabled affected your relationships?

          • Ah well don’t get me wrong I might sound confident but I am no expert.
            I’ve only had relationships with two chicks. The first was a three year one which had to end. They started complaining about assisting and helping me out which made me incredibly guilty for being disabled so no fucking way was that going to continue. Lots of sex at the beginning – I mean I was a 21 year old virgin so yeah – terrible sex at the end (heart failure affects performance). And the second was a three month one (ended last week…) which I really enjoyed as they made me feel really good about myself. Made me feel attractive and sexy which is something I doubt strongly what with having not terribly surprising body issues. We both found the sex to be fantastic and had tons of it. Viagra works.
            I’m not full retard yet though. My legs are pretty fucked but the rest of me is still fine… Not for long though! Woop woop! Future’s looking grim!

            Relationships are hard. I aggressively online date. Stand out enough. Other cripples go for the more naive I love life life is for living kind of approach. I do not. But yeah. It’s a lot to do with me and my insecurities. I give them every way out every opportunity to escape me. I have so many health issues so a lot for peeps to deal with.
            But saying that people start talking to me and don’t realise I’m disabled which often leads to discomfort (although my last relationship was via those means and they had no idea until I told them) and then conversations which end up being dead in the water. Obviously some people are open minded but the majority are not. So you have to keep trawling and exerting quite a lot of energy.
            Oh yeah. When I was in hospital it’s lonely and impossible to meet people. If I stay out of it I have a chance…
            Happiness and confidence is the key.

            But yeah I do entertain fantasies of meeting a fellow female disablee – surprisingly I don’t know any other disabled people personally – who will be cute and we’ll have lots of crippled sex. But realistically it would be a bit more awkward what with both of us being disabled.

            How old are you?

            • I’m a cougar. 33. 😉

              I’m married with kids, I’m just trying to navigate the world of being what we are, different, or as my daughter would say “special”. Sometimes I hunger for a level of understanding only fellow cripples would have.

              I used to walk and stuff, but breaking bones tends to slow you down a little, and before I was in the chair I fell all the time, so in a lot of ways being in a wheelchair saves me from myself.

  1. Also whilst I was in hospital I concluded all of my power of attorney documentation and advanced planning which including stating in what condition I’d want medical treatment to cease. Surreal.

      • You know after reading through a couple of blogs about it people, disabled and abled, come to very different conclusions. Many believe that allowing euthanasia would cheapen the lives of people with various health conditions and issues. It’s equality gone crazy. Some people, you and me included, will have critical health issues that will affect our quality of life. Most people will not. We ARE different whether we like it or not. Our lives and the way we die will be different to the healthy majority. We deserve the right to choose because we are the unhealthy minority.
        I’m quite the informed voter so here in Australia I vote for what the more ignorant would call a ‘radical leftist liberal’ party who support euthanasia. I’m making my vote count as much as I can so I guess I’m doing my bit too 🙂

          • Having compulsory voting helps… but so many people just muck up voting on purpose. Disillusioned with democracy. It does work just would do so better if we had more political education in schools and more people became informed voters. The two party preferred system is fucked. We have Labour who are alright just not nearly radical enough and Liberal (in power now – who the fuck voted for them?!) who are despite the namesake the right wing ignorant erm… cunts. Buuuut in Victoria (the best state in the world!) we have a Greens representative who are about good shit like you know the environment and asylum seekers. They’re the good guys and have enough power in our political system to sway some policies so yay for us. Although they’re still not radical enough for me 😉

            I’ve been to a number of pro-choice protests outside fertility clinics (abortion being a hard fought right in Vic – that is to this day still being challenged). Surreal when the religious zealots are carrying around a large statue of the virgin mary and mutilated foetus billboards, weeping and crying while on our side (the side in which women enter and exit the clinic – you see we have to protect them from the crazy pro-lifers) we’re laughing and singing and mocking their misguided beliefs. Lots of fun!

            • Australia sounds wonderful, at least where you are.

              The abortion debate, and any religious debates can get pretty crazy. This “choose your own expiration date” movement will butt heads with religion too. In fact, I think all arguments against assisted suicide have to stem from religion.

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