Don’t worry about me.


I’m fine. Yes I gave away my sexy underwear. Not a big deal. Annoying yes. Be annoyed too. Support my cause, don’t worry. Ok, so I haven’t written funny witty humor and stuff because I’ve been a tad busy.

School started for my kids.

I purchased a domain and a friend and I are going to make it awesome…right friend? I hope he reads this. Anyway, I’m also exploring some social networking stuff.

Don’t worry still. My life doesn’t revolve around my death, but that is a part of my life. My life is actually falling down a bit of a rabbit hole right now, but I always wanted to skydive, and this feels pretty damn good.

Until later when I promote my site, social media, and sell tshirts. Ok, actually I will still populate this blog with wonderfully entertaining morsels. I have a glorious bed time story brewing.

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