My Disney Caracter


Disney finally made the me into a character. Well, me minus the chair. I am Maleficent. It’s perfect. The whole story. Evil and good and desperate to fly. Until that movie I had always felt Belle represented my personality best. Strong, loves books, interested in life a little less ordinary than the one the world wants for her.

So who are you in Disney worlds?


4 thoughts on “My Disney Caracter

  1. so you need a flying chair… ok… I always knew this day would come… I did a post about this… because any dad of daughters will tell you this is the worst day of their life… when they were watching some Disney movie with their daughter who is now just old enough to start dating, and you suddenly realize that you aren’t the handsome Prince anymore, you are now that fat old King, waiting for some handsome prince to steal your little princess… sniff…

  2. Well, I’ve always thought I was most like Walt. Creative, inventive, innovative, and a perfectionist. Only he made it all happen, he was successful, and I have lost and failed.
    Maybe I really am like Walt, though. If it weren’t for his sensible brother Roy, Walt would have always been broke and never achieved his dreams.

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