Those boys in blue just won’t leave me alone.


I got pulled over in my wheelchair again the other day. Nice cop. Very concerned. I was on the wrong side of the street, and he also suggested me changing the steady tone of my rear light to one of the flashing ones so I’m even more noticeable.

Of course I complied! As if I wouldn’t…

They all just want the crazy pothead wheelchair chick to be safe. It’s good. I like them looking out for me, cause soon I will be viral and need some extra protection. I think I know which officer I can talk into street dancing with me if I run into him again. Not literally run into him. I’m not insane, besides, he needs to be able to dance.

There are some other self-defense things in the works which should be interesting if nothing else.

I’m starting to create momentum in my town for all my pipe dreams. One day the world will notice and hopefully lives will be changed in a really good way.

The worst thing that could happen would be I make a few people smile, and if that’s all that ever happens, it’s good enough for me. On that note, enjoy your weekend.

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