Another just as valid question.


Do you believe in love at first sight?

I’m not talking “she’s hot” kind of love.

I have a friend. I know, that in itself is newsworthy, but here’s what got me thinking about first sight stuff.

She had a boyfriend, and bachelors degree and was beginning a good career path. One day at a meeting she met a man. Their meeting lasted less than 5 minutes. She has never forgotten it. There was something about him. Not just attraction. She continued life as normal and eventually married the guy she had been dating, and she has a kid now.

So why does she still think about the 5 minute “love affair” meeting guy?


Why aren’t more people Buddhists?


Please don’t freak out sisters and other people who actually know me. I’m not shaving my head anytime soon, but the title of this post is a serious question.

Buddhism presents a very good perspective on life. It also is a wise view of death, or rather no death, and the day to day existence. I’m curious as to why it isn’t a more widely known and accepted way to see the world. So tell me in the comments please. Why aren’t you a Buddhist?

Life’s too short to wait around on parts.

So last week I got stuck out in the rain with my powerchair. It stopped working, and eventually we got it to the house. So today the guy came out to replace the batteries and wheels, and we were able to use his temporary joystick to get it inside, but he had to take his joystick with him.

He explained that it would be Monday before he could order a new joystick for my chair, and it would be about four weeks after that before I could get it installed. This would have been devastating news for most people bound to their powerchair.

Not for me. I laugh in the face of impossibility. I smile at the common sense advice to replace the part. I dare to destroy with hope of repair and miraculously it is a success!

I took the control panel apart and evaluated the circuit board. It was pretty. So I unplugged and replugged the wires, and the chair turns on, runs, works!!! It is a Christmas miracle. I have to charge the new batteries, but then my dancing freedom awaits. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


The end of the road


Well, it’s official. I’ve sold my soul to the devil, or in other words, I’m on Facebook.


Check it out!

I did it. Made a website, Facebook, and twitter. Find me before I go viral!

Dying With Style


Changing the world: update

Guess what? I’m changing the world. Yep. I’m a dancing wheelchair chick. It will eventually go viral. Then I can get my cause to a worldwide audience.

Anyway, I’m working on my website, but I have a story idea that I will hopefully be writing and posting soon. Sorry I’m never here, but I really am changing the world. Priorities…


Not my strong suit, but


Concentration empowers us to see into the true nature and origins of the object of our contemplation. When we really focus our mind, it becomes like a magnifying glass in the sunlight, capable of burning away many wrong views…

– wisdom for the day brought to you by: Thich Nhat Hanh



My legs spasm with pain.

I struggle to sleep.

I talk to my pain,

Like a mother to her child.

You are my body.

I hear your agony.

My heart fills with compassion.

My dear one, I am here for you.

You don’t have to scream.

I am here for you.

You are not my enemy.

I am here for you.

You need my attention.

I am here for you.

You are my pain.

I will heed your calls.

I will tend to you kindly.

You are a part of me,

As are my eyes, my lungs, my heart.

You are my precious pain

And I am here for you.


You don’t need to know what.


I really, really, really needed that.


You don’t need to know why.

Which of these is your favorite: ice cream, pizza, candy, or fish?