Life’s too short to wait around on parts.

So last week I got stuck out in the rain with my powerchair. It stopped working, and eventually we got it to the house. So today the guy came out to replace the batteries and wheels, and we were able to use his temporary joystick to get it inside, but he had to take his joystick with him.

He explained that it would be Monday before he could order a new joystick for my chair, and it would be about four weeks after that before I could get it installed. This would have been devastating news for most people bound to their powerchair.

Not for me. I laugh in the face of impossibility. I smile at the common sense advice to replace the part. I dare to destroy with hope of repair and miraculously it is a success!

I took the control panel apart and evaluated the circuit board. It was pretty. So I unplugged and replugged the wires, and the chair turns on, runs, works!!! It is a Christmas miracle. I have to charge the new batteries, but then my dancing freedom awaits. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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