So I made a YouTube channel…

I don’t know what I’m thinking. I can’t dance. I can’t do much else either. The problem is that someone needs to inspire the masses. If I can get disabled people to take a chance on venturing out of the comfort of their homes, my mission will be a partial success. If I can get people everywhere to start dancing more, and living in the here and now instead of their phones, I’d consider that a total success.

I absolutely despise the insecurities that arise every time I think about the fact that I put a stupid video or two out there. Why should that bother me? I’m so tired of being pushed around by a low self esteem. Why can’t I do something like this? I have to completely abandon my pride to move forward with this. The fact that if it doesn’t work, I have no other good options, is a little scary.

But that’s life. Lucille Ball said “I’m not funny, I’m brave”. Maybe being brave will pay off. I hope so. Check out my YouTube channel please, and be gentle. I know it isn’t much, but this movement is what keeps me hanging on.

6 thoughts on “So I made a YouTube channel…

    • Thank you. I’m actually having some doubts about the whole “changing the world” thing. Think it’s hormonal or something, but I appreciate your comment even more since I’m doubting.

      Your name, livingonchi, will you tell me about it?

          • I loved it. I developed knee problems, though. I know that tai chi is gentle, but for some reason I couldn’t get rid of the knee pain, so I replaced my tai chi with yoga which is better for me all around since I have back issues. Tai chi wasn’t really helping my back either. Tai chi is very meditative a good in so many ways. Just not for me at the moment. Hubby still goes twice a week though.

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