You raped me.

You held me down and tore my clothes and

Saved me.

You brought me to the edge of death and

Changed me.

My life before right now was all a dream.

I want you.

The kind of want that hurts so much,


I hunger for your painful touch.

It scares me.

But it’s okay, I can pretend that it is all a dream.

Don’t wake me.

I can change it, make it nice.


Savory with just a hint of spice.

Join me.

We’ll dine on lust and love like a good dream.


The soft caress on longing skin.

Was magic.

But there’s no need to start again.

It’s over.

You played a special part of someone’s dream.

Move on now.

It’s time for you to run along.

Don’t be sad.

There is an end to every song.

It was nice.

The fading memory of a whirlwind dream.

Bedtime Story: Shhh…

“Don’t turn your back on him.”

The words echoed in her mind as the nightmare faded away in the morning sun.

That’s it. If you want me to write the rest of the story, I need feedback on the introduction. Did it work? Are you curious? Think a publisher would keep reading it?

Actually, I don’t want to write the rest. Will you do it for me? Consider this your writing prompt. Finish the story and link it to this, so I can read it too.