Do you ever miss me?

I’m doing ok.

Life is actually really good in many ways.

I don’t even miss you all the time. 

But I do sometimes.

Like tonight.

It would be fun to text harass the shit out of you.

Saying nothing important.

I don’t know why.

Sometimes I think that I _______________ you so much because of a fantasy.

I believed you were a kindred spirit. 

Corny, I know.

You understood me in ways that I’m still discovering.

At least my fantasy of you did.

You seemed to…the whole you, not just my dream parts, seemed to know me.

So, it’s your fault.

Why I miss you.

Why I smile just thinking about you reading this and knowing it’s about you.

Do you even read me anymore?

Do you miss me some nights too? 

Dare I say it…miss my endless textversations with myself on your behalf?

I don’t know, maybe you’re glad for the quiet. 

Maybe I was too much for you.

If so don’t blame yourself.

Please don’t start to cry, and no need to call a therapist.

You can alway text me about it.

I don’t get it

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You say you don’t want to play this game
If it was a game, I’d feel the same.
The problem is it’s very real.
I can’t escape the way I feel.

What did I do or say
That made it so easy for you to run away?
Why am I even bothered by it?
It would be better if I didn’t give a shit.

I know exactly what I should do;
Let me be me, and you be you.
Play the part of “I don’t care”
Laugh and dance; learn life’s not fair.

If you love something, let it go
If it comes back, then you’ll know.
But what will I know; that it was a game?
That no one could ever feel the same?

That life is best spent by myself?
Emotions kept neatly on a shelf?
Never risking love or loss?
Floating along, not trying to cross?

Never looking for something more
Than a life that’s easy to ignore.
One day it will somehow end;
This hope of finding a true friend.

Until that day I’ll be just fine.
So please forgive this poetic whine.
For now I’ll simply smile and nod.
Become the happy, perfect fraud.

Being Healthy Will Be The Death Of Me

Ah, my brilliant nemesis does it again. If you don’t read him. You should. He is one of the best bloggers out there.

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

This is Quinoa. No, it is not more delicious than it looks.

I am falling apart. My body is crumbling into nothing more than a pile of human dust. Granted, it is ruggedly handsome human dust, but human dust nonetheless. What is to blame for this human disintegration?

Why, of course it would be my attempts at health.

Months ago, I decided to get into shape. I don’t know what brought it on, honestly. Maybe I decided I didn’t like the way I felt. Maybe it was the fact that every time I called People Magazine to submit my name for “Sexiest Man Alive,” they would abruptly and quite rudely hang up on me.

No matter the reason, I did it. I exercised and ate healthy and soon I had lost the weight of a small child or, if you would prefer, a very large ham. Or, for that matter…

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