The secret to relationships


This sounds simple, but it can make all the difference in the world.

Find someone who is the exact same level of bored as you are.

If you are busy, find someone busy. If you rarely or often feel bored, find someone like that, if you create worlds in your head, so you are never really bored, find another mind dweller.

Happy Valentines Day

4 thoughts on “The secret to relationships

  1. That’s what I did wrong! I married an extrovert when I’m a total introvert! I actually had to ask hubby to leave the house for a few hours today because I was going nuts having him around all the time (he had to have emergency retinal re-attachment almost 2 weeks ago & has been at home until he’s cleared to return to work). This is his 2nd emergency surgery on his left eye, so this time he’s listening to the doc – but I”M GOING NUTS!
    I have been catching up on your posts today – but couldn’t comment because you closed the comments! Love your chair dancing – I do it too! Have been doing it for a few years since the arthritis made it too difficult to dance standing plus COPD makes it tougher to breathe if I’m trying to dance standing up. Just wanted you to know you’re not the only one who chair dances!

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