The Perfect Wish

It only took a pinch of spice,
Some scary things and something nice
Mixed carefully with a magical chant
To find, one wish my spell could grant.

I tried to decide what to wish for.
My first thought was to wish for more.
More wishes, money, brains or looks.
A life as exciting as adventure books.

I thought maybe to cure the land;
Of poverty, disease, other difficulties at hand.
Maybe simply no more war.
Isn’t that what I should wish for?

I decided to take my time with this.
Then rush on past the perfect wish.
So I did what all good wisher’s do.
I waited for a day or two.

But my foolish mind could hardly wait.
It begged me not to hesitate.
So I very carefully looked at all
The wish prospects I could recall.

So many wishes, only one to wish for.
So I chose the one I couldn’t ignore.
With the potion in my hand,
I said the wish, my luxurious command.

I wished for a touch that can reach through time.
That can enter into the darkest mind.
That can bring pleasure and draw out pain.
That can carve out gorges like a driving rain.

That has power over smiles and tears.
That captures people’s hopes and fears.
That could, in theory, end a war.
Or bring excitement to a boring chore.

You probably know what wish won.
The wish that sounded the most fun.
I’m satisfied at the end of the night.
I wished at last, that I could write.

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