If I’m admitting to illegal activity on YouTube, might as well do it here too.

I just got a comment that explains it perfectly from https://kamakawida.wordpress.com/

Respect for going out there telling people how it is.

It is funny how for example celebrities who use it for recreational purposes seem to have much less social pressure than someone like yourself who actually needs it. 

On that note I find the whole argument about the legality of the issue ridiculous. Not only because its ‘negative’ effects which do not seem to be based on any solid facts, just old recycled propaganda and good old fashioned ignorance. But also due to the other ‘safe’ addictive substances we allow to move freely in our societies.

We are constantly prescribed and pumped full of synthetics which are 10x more harmful than this natural substance. We allow substances like alcohol, nicotine and sugar to be sold freely when in fact these are the root causes to some of the greatest health crises we as a race are currently experiencing.

We need to change our attitudes and realize that the millions of people using this natural remedy aren’t some crazed disillusioned people but instead normal world citizens just trying to make their quality of life better without hurting anyone else.

We like think of ourselves as an advanced species but honestly how different would the world look like if this was really the case.
So do what you have to do to make your own and your family’s life better. Disregard the naysayers because you aren’t alone. Stay strong!

I really debated whether or not to post this here but, whatever.

Thing is, I need people to see my struggles as well as my strength. I fell out of my chair. This video is me getting back in it. It gets way more graphic than I’m comfortable with because of the leggings I had on, but I didn’t want to fall out of my chair again in different clothes. So sorry. There is way worse porn out there.

Please, if you are not bothered by this video, go to my website: dyingwithstyle.org. I’m trying to change the world.

My letter to FaceBook

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Dear F.B.

If I tell you, will you quit asking? My status is eager. You know what is even more weird?

Your obsession with me.

Your emails after the first breakup were…excessive and pushy. The only reason I’m here is because you are holding my friends and family captive.

Look, the reason I avoided you in the first place, was because you were so clingy and needy. You wanted to know everything about me: where I grew up, what music I like, etc. Then you want to follow me everywhere, and you even sent “friends” to track me.

You want me to tell you my whole life story and give you every possible way to contact me.

It’s just plain weird. You need help.

That said, I have to be here on FaceBook for a while, so I hope we can be friends.

Sincerely, Becky



Broken toys, some of us are.

Damaged bodies, riddled with scars.

Caught forever in between

A normal life, and something obscene.

Atrophied legs, unwholesome parts,

Distract from the beauty of our hearts.

But who cares about that anyway?

Life is a game, we are forced to play.

It doesn’t give the broken a break.

It doesn’t care that it made a mistake.

It makes some perfect I suppose

To rub it in the cripples’ nose.

You’ll never be beautiful

Never be free

To be what others can easily be.

But I have a secret that life doesn’t know.

My brokenness has helped me grow.

Strong enough to overcome

The tormenting parts of life for some.

Some like me who wake in pain.

Who fight each day to simply remain

Some form of life in this glamorous place.

Where precious treasure is a pretty face.

I’m stronger now, as time will tell.

Strength was forged in the flames of hell.

I’ll never be like all the rest,

But I can still be my broken best.



(p.s. I always miss you.)