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      • Yes – what if I should discover that I am! Seriously though, check my location, I’m on the other side of the world. My friend Chris also has MS….hence the offer, via me. She insisted and I don’t mind at all, t’would only be a sample of local produce – I’ll give you my e-mail – brucesaunders23@hotmail.co.uk. I’ve odne it before an not had a problem with careful preparation/wrapping. It arrives anonymously of course so what would You know about it if you get my gist. Be good remember…bye!

        • Sounds wonderful. I’ll email you soon. I can’t actually use it until the beginning of next month. Have to pass a test for a job, but then I will happily indulge myself!

          • Aah yes – I’m in the process of looking too. But here in the UK they don’t have p-tests like the US. And when one is between jobs, one tends to overindulge you know? Anytime. Be well and g luck with the job-thang.

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