What were you?


You came upon me one long night,

Or was it me drawn to your plight?

It doesn’t matter very much 

Except those nights I miss your touch.

It’s those that have me wondering,

Why did your words make my heart sing? 

What were you in my time of need?

A dashing knight upon your steed?

Perhaps  I’m a moth drawn to your flame. 

Or maybe the playful twist in your name.

My monk, philosopher, poet, friend

My priest, and Master for pretend.

You toyed with me, just like a cat.

Until you had no time for that. 

Maybe it wasn’t really meant to be.

But knowing you has done something to me.

Perhaps I’m stuck in my dreams,

And real life isn’t what it seems.

I don’t know if you’ll even care

And part of me feels it’s unfair.

You gave me so much of yourself

Then put my affections on a shelf.

Never to be spoken of again.

A graceful fade away, but then…

I had to write this playful rhyme

And remind you that you will be mine.

Okay, maybe I won’t kidnap you,

But I can do a thing or two.

Like tagging you in a Facebook post

About my disappearing ghost.

And maybe if you’re on the rebound

Some interaction might be found;

Or maybe this will make you smile.

And let you know I’d walk a mile

(We both know that I can’t walk,

And we know how much I like to talk)

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise 

That I write, and rhyme, and idolize.

I really could get over you

Though you might not think those words are true.

I just don’t want to turn the page.

Without goodbye from my precious Sage.

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