My Favorite Type of Porn

I found this. I thought I had deleted it, but I found it! I am reintroducing this subject and my association with it to the world! More to come.

The Dark Side

Even the title of this post makes me close my eyes. Embarrassed by the connotations attached. Excited by the possibilities. Entranced by the delicious nature of the suggestion. I must admit, late at night, on nights like these, when sleep eludes me and all is quiet, I have a craving. The tv is on, but it does not capture my attention. I am a hopeless case. Addicted to it. Admittedly in love.

The object of my desire causes me to search it out. It makes my heart beat faster and my palms get sweaty. I’m obsessed.

I search for it here, in blog land. I lust after words. Sometimes, like tonight, I troll the posts on freshly pressed. Drawing depth and passion from poetry. Intellectual stimulation from the writing tag. Satisfaction from you. Writers. In love. Not with a person or a writer. I’m in love with words. It is…

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My kind of autograph

Ok, so some of the agents and publishers had a q&a time and I asked something like at what point in the writing of my manuscript should I start pitching it? The overwhelming answer was wait until it is completed. 

So, my problem was that I didn’t have a finished manuscript, but the conference was now, and I have an idea for a book I think would be a perfect fit for Dark House Press.

My solution? I asked for and received Richard Thomas’ autograph on this:

I told him I wanted him to remember the crazy crippled girl who made him sign a waiver. I’ll send a copy of it with my book when I finally finish it.