I have a dream

I have a dream.

Where people in wheelchairs are seen for what they are, people, who ride on robots.

I have a dream.

Where it is as easy for a disabled person to make a paycheck as it is for an able-bodied person.

I have a dream.

In which companies see the many benefits of advertising on wheelchairs.


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RIP all the bs I’ve written out of some screwed up idealistic and totally inaccurate view of myself and what I’m supposed to be. I was looking over some of my old posts, trying to find the time frame of certain things from 2012 that I should probably not talk much about, and I couldn’t help but notice that for a while I changed, said stuff I didn’t mean, and hurt people who actually were not trying to screw me over. Never again.

I hereby vow to never write something out of some misguided sense of loyalty, or trying to appease someone, or some other screwed up reason. I will never again put myself in a position where my entire world hinges on someone’s idea of who I am, or who I should be. The posts I wrote then, and the fact that I hurt people who were truly my friends, online or not, sickens me and it will not happen again. Ruining the friendships I had built here was an absolute mistake, but I was too weak and insecure to see that. That version of me has died. No one will ever coerce me into writing things that I don’t feel true again, and I’m so sorry I ever allowed it to happen.

Fine! I’ll write something!

downloadHi. sorry I’ve been away from blogland. You will be happy to know that I haven’t been kidnapped. I have however been busy, and mentally distracted with the whirlwind of real life.  Sorry. Anyway, hi. I’ll start writing a story, just for those of you who might stumble down what ever dark and twisted path led you to my blog.

I stay with the body as it cools. Some faces simply look better dead. There is a peacefulness that encompasses the body. Shortly before rigor sets in, I can manipulate the features of the face as if they were made from clay. My victims are the retards. Literally. Retards, or people with mental instabilities are burdens on society, and on their families. No body wants to live life that way anyway. I put them out of their misery.

I feel the winds of reality pulling me away from you, so until next time…