Please help me understand this.

It’s almost 2016. We know so much about science and our bodies, and we are making new discoveries everyday.

There’s reality, virtual reality, the ability to transplant organs and so many other medical miracles. 

Basically, each part of our body is interchangeable. Like a Lego set or a paper doll. 

Why then is the color we are wearing, our skin, still an issue?


Some nights…


I lie awake dreaming of you. 

My breathing gets heavier as my mind floats away. 

You reached deep inside my soul, making me completely dependant on you.

In my dreams I wake into you.

While I’m awake, I’m lost in dreams of you.

Who are you that draws me and holds me?

Which part of my being creates you? 

Is it head, or heart, or hormones?

I will see you soon.

It could be tonight,

Or in the daydream of tomorrow.