My mouth bathes in the thought of you.

It isn’t sex I hunger for.

Not fairy tale romance

Or happy ever after.

I want your mind,

Your thoughts,

Your darkest motivations 

And most depraved secrets.

The things that scare you awake.

This is more than bleeding onto the page. 

I want each page to burn as if peeled from your skin.

You should be terrified and fascinated by it.

Only that will satisfy this craving.

Quench this thirst. 

I want everything

Fill me with words

And I will be your reader.

One thought on “Mmmm…

  1. In shallow shores of moonlight I shall be the only one here for you to see. I will be the only to-blooded man to goat and sire a mantle of Saintlihood upon your nursing breast.

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