Good night, Sleep tight

 My friend, and man of many talents, Richard Thomas, has an exciting thing going on with his online magazine Gamut.

He mentioned that his site will even have some dark poetry, which inspired this rhyme. Go check his powerhouse, Gamut out after reading! By the way, he’ll be offering some great opportunities for writers (which most of us bloggers aspire to be).

What is it now, you frightened child,

With tousled hair and eyes so wild?

The bed bug monsters in your head

Grow when you get out of bed.

Staying in bed keeps them so small,

They might not even bite at all.

In fact, your fear makes them more strong

So hush now child, and run along

Be careful not to make too much noise

Bed bugs love the taste of girls and boys

If you start to cry, they’ll make you scream.

You’ll wish it was only a bad dream.

They’ll rip you open, and eat your heart

They’ll tear your little body apart.

So you’d better get right back in bed,

Before the morning finds you dead.

Good night my child, hope you sleep tight

Don’t let all the bed bugs bite!