Flash mob Moore, May 21st

The anniversary of the devastation our town faced a few years ago is rapidly coming up. I am organizing a flash mob/dance party on May 21. The plan is for me to dance around town like normal till
I reach the new 711, the one on 4th and telephone road, at which point people can join me and dance from 711 to the Lowes parking lot where we will hang out, talk, etc.
It is a “live until you die” celebration. The people who lost their lives that day probably did not realize that would be their last day. Likewise, we don’t know which day will be our last, so let’s celebrate living until we die. 
I think when we meet at Lowes, we could have an open mic where people can tell their stories, share fond memories of lost loved ones, etc. in between music and laughter and dancing.

I understand this is a sensitive subject for all of us who live in Moore, and I’d appreciate hearing any thoughts or concerns on this idea. Thanks!

To be free

Today I chose to be free.

I shed my comforting skin for the exhilarating rush of the unknown.

I laughed at my fears and blew them away like a puff of smoke.

I decided I’d rather regret the chances I didn’t take than those I did.

I took a chance.

Sometimes taking risks pays off.

Sometimes it doesn’t. 

Today, I choose to be free.

I will take the moment and cling to it. 

I will savor each heartache and each victory, knowing they are neither good, or bad.

I will unburden myself from the expectations of others.

From the expectations of myself.

Today I choose to be free.