Flash Mob Moore, OK

  FLASH MOB, Moore Ok

This will be to promote my movement http://www.dyingwithstyle.org. It will be a dance party/flash mob.

I need a bunch of random people.
All ages, ethnicities, political affiliations, levels of dance experience, from every walk of life, etc.

I also need people to film. Students are encouraged to use their skills to make me a promotional video.

The plan is, I will be at a certain “to be announced” location in a couple of months.  (Weather permitting, we do live in Moore, OK). 

I’ll be my typical silly self and dance down the street. 

That’s where you come in. A few people at a time, or groups at a time start following me, dancing however you like to dance. I’m obviously not a professional. 

If you can help, or want to chat about it, message me on something. Thanks!