I’m trying to heal.

To see myself as I really am,

Instead of through the skewed lense I am accustomed to.

The lense of worthlessness

The lense of sharp criticism, so detailed it must be true,


When did I go from seeing through my eyes to seeing with yours?

When did the truth blur?

How did I become what I’ve fought so hard to overcome?

When did I go from victim to perpetrator of crimes against myself?

How did I get so lost in what I was not that I also lost what I was?

How do you unlearn the lies you’ve learned to tell yourself? 

The end result is what is no matter how it came to be.

Perhaps one day I will find answers that evade me now.

Perhaps one day I will learn the path that led me there,

And unlearn the path that held me there.

Perhaps one day I will be completely free

To discover the secrets of unlearned me.