No Sex Please: We’re Disabled

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When I was about fifteen or so, I was scrolling through some disability-related books, not paying much attention to most of them. I became very alert, however, when I stumbled across a book (whose title escapes me) about society’s puritanical de-sexualization of wheelchair users. The book also delved into the experiences of other physically disabled populations, exploring the myth that we are not and do not want to be sexual creatures. This was a new idea to me, or so I thought. But, as I continued to read, I realized it wasn’t new at all.

I cast my mind back to a family trip to Mexico when I was about thirteen. This is well past the age when girls generally become convinced that kissing someone would be more fun than icky, and I was experiencing a tame awakening of my own around that time. As my sister and I walked…

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  1. What am I supposed to say, here? I HAVE actually been out with a blind girl (who was a freak of nature – all alone studying psychiatry in London, all the way from New York) Man was she brave!! The Trust that she placed in me was phenomenal and undeserved but I did my best not to hurt too ,much when the time came to part. It’s a responsibility though, Ms H, a responsibility that has to be acknowledged – people get hurt….it’s difficult sweetheart, to think about your parting even as you are meeting…..

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