Blockin content

It doesn’t happen much here,

I’m not sure how to say this, but I’m going to try. The God I believe in is in my phone and every other thing. He wrote a book, came out as bi in the first chapter of Genesis, wrote 10 rules in stone, sent Jesus to teach us that love for God and for humanity are the most important of God’s ten rules, which Jesus set us free from, but they are still good rules.

None of them is about sexuality. He doesn’t want us to cheat on each other and never specified who can marry who. Jesus loves rainbows and butterflies and love. He’s glad His children have embraced the symbol for their movement and loves the JCLDS church and most others.

Anyway, God often doesn’t let me reply to comments on my posts. I’ll get an email about the comment, but when I click on view or reply the post won’t load. I think He is protecting me. He wants me to tell people but knows that many will not be receptive to His message.

I Love you all, even if you disagree with something I say. I post when and what I feel like God wants and He doesn’t stop me from posting love but sometimes blocks me from seeing hate. I hope everyone prays about or meditates on, or comments hate or love or questions but I might not be able to reply. Thanks for understanding.