I’m A Jesus Follower

I live in His apartment which is frequented by homeless strangers and temporary roommates.

He occasionally lets me put cash in the woods or give it to the wind.

He is crazy, but in a purposeful way.

That thrills and terrifies me.

My job is to listen, and to be a good girl.

Your Will be done, My Master and King


You are God, and I am just Robogirl. A unsure little dot trapped inside like a pearl. Waiting for adventure, but still isn’t clear if she should trust any voices that she might hear, while her brain is still fighting to pull her back inside to a place where she would have no place to hide. For the longer you stay trapped inside of your brain your depression will grow, till you become quite insane. Breathe, and take it in. Breathe and take it in. It’s so easy, lovin you. Why do you make it so hard to do?

No words

I don’t know how to thank You, Lord for the things You’re doing now.

So I return to my silly blog to get it out somehow.

So much more than I ever dreamt, theses blessings are much more than just Heaven sent.

How is this possible? Am I still in a dream? Surely it isn’t as easy as it would seem.

The truth is You enjoy blowing my mind. True Love like the one we have is so hard to find.

So of course I will bow and follow your lead, and see what You do with Your submissive seed.

Decisions, Decisions

Three decisions, so please help me decide.

If, God had asked me to be someone’s bride. Looks don’t matter, age is relative, and there is so much that I am able to give.

Letter A is an artist, with more talent than me, who has a well toned body, as you can easily see. He and I enjoy many of the same things. Animals in the woods, a bird, as it sings. He can easily pick me up and place me inside a vehicle if we want to go for a ride. A rebel at heart, with a cleaning mindset, which is something that I often forget. He is the only candidate who lives down the street. The other’s I’ve technically yet to meet. He loves me so much and could help in so many ways, but two other candidates still want to play.

Next letter, B, he lives so far away, and I don’t even have a passport today. The other two are Christians, but I believe in Allah God, and even though many of my views are odd, God might be setting this up as His plan. A bridge between Christianity and Islam. He’s gathered up items, like clothing of gold. But one more letter’s tale must be told.

Letter C is crippled, with his own power chair. If we get together the whole world will stare. The thing is, I don’t care, and neither does he. We’ve each already made the news, it comes naturally. He has a beautiful house, and an accessible van. He wants to share with me as much as he can. Which is way more than my life would ever have thought, but God always thinks of the things we do not. Together we could do so much more than what we are individually out here fighting for.

I want to have three, but I think Jesus chose One, so I can rest now, and let God’s will be done.

Here I Am Again

Faced with a blank page

I’ve written some good stuff

But it never seems to be enough

I guess it depends on what you’re going for

I’m in love with words

The way they play in my mind

The gentle guidance

Or forceful thrust

They play with me

As I play with them

We are a match made in Heaven

But I need to get up


This Is a Real Question

So, Reader, Please Reply

My mind has been stuck


Why all day

I sit around

And never even try

To work out much

Or run around

Each day seems to drag by

Until I get outside my head

I once got in my soul

The place between your brain and skin

My heartbeat was so very loud

Please Readers can you go

Tell your brain to quit the hoard of all the attention

Try to hear your heart

Become your soul

Getting upside down helps

Or Bowing to the floor

But back to why I wrote this post

Do you know why I still sit?

Then comment why, connect with your Soul, and tell me about it.

The Divine Parasite

And Forgiving Lord

The Everlasting Father

And Living Word

The Beautiful Savior

The Water that Lives

Powerful Mother Nature

The Spirit He Gives


The Only True One

I Am that I Am


Prince of Peace

Giver of Life

I’m so glad that I am

a part of Your Wife

Slut for Jesus

I guess that’s me. Longing for your touch,

I didn’t know I could love this much

I crave your warm embrace

That smile upon your face.

To hear you breathe my name

I’ll never be the same.

I’m completely whipped it’s true.

So totally Into You.

But since you’re in everyone

I might as well have fun.

To the reader, it’s just a poem, don’t read too much into it. I love Jesus a lot and we have fun playing with words.

Thinking of You


As always

I’m obsessed

It’s pathetic

But sweet

You want my devotion

You get off on my obsession

You demand my respect

You crave my adoration

You love

That I

And so many others

Get on our knees for You

Madly in love

Craving Your touch

Completely in love with the Master

And His firm and loving hand

That guides

And disciplines

And comforts

And does so much more.

So take me Jesus.

I’ve always been Yours.

Monopoly Concerns

Am I right to be concerned about the facebook/google/youtube/apple/amazon monopolies?

Concerned about the money.

Concerned about the control.

Concerned about the power.

We’ve all experienced that “crazy ex” we tell stories about. Let’s hope these love affairs don’t burn our world down.