I know You’re here with me

Watching me.

Feeling my fingers

Make that my thumbs

As we lightly push the letters

Gently forming the words

That pour from my heart

That play with my mind

That whisper from my soul

You haunt me

And fill me

I am Your pen

Your fingers

Your thumbs

You are my God

I’m just a dot

Who plays with the words

That make up the story

The story of us.

3 thoughts on “I know You’re here with me

  1. I love this poem 💕 I don’t know if you are also trying to refer to someone who might be reading your stuff but I feel the same when I write poems of love and longing and putting it on my blog site. I wonder, will this person see this? I can already feel stomach in my butterflies 😂 Although, I really mostly write about enlightement!

    If you like to see my one month old blog, you can visit me at https://theonlycharm.me/

    Thank you. ☺

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