Right where I need to be

I was reading some old posts I had written several years ago. Back when I lived in a two story house with my husband, kids, and step kids. I had written that my life felt meant for someone else.

I needed to write this now. I am right where I need to be. My day job is dancing around town in my wheelchair. I’m a road artist and so much more.

Life is far from my idealistic vision of the “perfect” life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’m taking a moment to have a meltdown

My story made the front page.

I was just on the news.


Life in general is amazing in so many ways.

So why am I melting down?

I make bad decisions frequently. I’m kicking myself for the latest, and trying to adjust to the realization that I’m a lot like a flame.

People see me for miles dancing around. I can bring warmth and excitement. Hopefully my ideas will catch and spread.

However, it’s dangerous for people to get too close. I need a way that people can see the flame and feel the warmth, without getting burned, which seems to be the inevitable result.

I feel the most responsible thing to do is to build some kind of clear firewall. I just can’t let it snuff out the flame.