What’s the big deal about Jesus and why you should care

I’m a Jesus Devotee and I’d like to tell you why.

Jesus was the Divine seed of God.

He was planted by God into Mary’s tummy, where He matured to be birthed as Jesus Christ.

Jesus let humans kill Him because that was His part to play in the great life story written by God.

Why should you care? Because Jesus is the one and only way to get to God. One human out of the whole universe. If you don’t believe in Jesus, you die and are trapped here as a ghost or maybe hell is real. Who knows?

My point is that Jesus denied His humanity throughout His life, then He let us kill Him, even though He did a lot of other stuff to prove He was actually God’s Son.

Millions of people around the world know and believe this. History verifies it. Nature celebrates it. Jesus loves you and so do I. We don’t want you to be trapped here or worse. Care. We do.

Calling all philosophers: Part 2


Is there anything one partner in a relationship can do which entitles the other person to cheat?

Examples: being a bitch/asshole, overly emotional, lazy, physically disfigured, illness, lying, cheating first, overly aggressive or apathetic, etc.

Before everyone starts thinking this is about me or my life:

1. 85% of this blog is fiction
2. A good writer should be able to connect to emotions outside of themselves.
3. A good writer should be able to explore and exploit real emotions and life circumstances.
4. Creativity in general makes it difficult, even for the creator, to understand truth.
5. Is there even really such a thing?
6. Maybe that will be the next blog…