Holidays…Bah Humbug

Like many other parents, I look forward to certain holidays each year. Most importantly April Fools Day, followed by Christmas, with Halloween and Fourth of July tying for 3rd. This Halloween was no exception. I made a cake (after a … Continue reading

I never believed in ghosts…but now that my cake is disappearing…

It started like any other Friday, I was working diligently, sweat pouring from my brow, on all the daily housework (see that honey); when I realized that it was time for my littlest one to go to school. Since I … Continue reading

Birthday Cakes

I love making birthday cakes, so here are some of the ones I have made for my kids.

Football Cake

This one consisted of a 9/13 inch cake and a round chocolate cake. the football was cut from the round cake and placed on the 9/13 with lots of frosting to hold it up. The cake which had surrounded the football cutout, was crumbled to use as dirt around the football and on the cake board.

Lego Castle Cake

Ok, don’t be too harsh, this cake had fondant on it which I made myself out of an internet recipe. Needless to say, the cake looked like it was melting, but the concept was good. I used 3 square cake pans stacked for the castle. It was supposed to have a lot more detail, but I was running out of time, so we just called it good. The grass around the castle is colored coconut, the castle used texture tiles and spray on food coloring from Duff Goldman ( It would have looked really cool if I had used better fondant, but my son still liked it. I stuck some lego characters heads and torso’s into the cakes windows, used lego castle sets for the top and surrounding toys, and the alligators in the moat were from some lego pirate sets he had at home.

One of the best parts of this party was the activities. I ordered a bunch of “lego pick a brick” body parts, hats and tools/weapons for them to hold, and we had 5 games to “earn” each piece of the minifigure. *If you decide to do this, allow at least two weeks from the time you order the parts before the party.  One game involved a box with various lego bricks (plain rectangles or squares from my son’s room) with the weapons or tools mixed in. The kids had to reach their hand through a hole in the box and feel around for the lego accessories. They then kept what they found. They also popped balloons that were tied around eachothers legs, built lego cars to race down a board in the driveway (which the only two girls in the party won :)), built their initial with legos, and tried to make a shape out of a twisty balloon (my 13 year old made different real balloon animals, swords, flowers, etc for them to take home after they tried to make their own. Super fun party and the pick a brick legos we used for door prizes were a lot cheaper than if we had bought the characters at the lego store.


This cake was for my son’s Monster Truck Mud Party. I made a batch of cupcakes and a 9/13 cake, frosted both with chocolate frosting and crumbled the 9 x 13 to use as mud around the Monster truck toy I bought for his present. For my kids birthday’s, I always like to get a present (legos, polly pockets, barbies, whatever they are into) and then I decorate the cake to match the toy.

For this party the kids played in a mud pool (as shown) made mud pies, played with army guys in the mud, and had a pinata candy and a toy car for their gift bags. It was very fun, and that picture with the kids in the mud pool is one of my favorites.

This was one of th cakes I made for my daughter a few years ago. You can buy the pans to make a doll cake, but I just used round cakes and tried to taper them to make it look like a dress. It wasn’t my favorite cake…that one I am desperately trying to find a picture of,  but anyway, it was cute and she liked it.

Well, until I find more pictures, I am going to have to post these.

Remember, If you aren’t that much into decorating cakes, just get a little toy that your child is interested in and place the toy on top of the cake. doesn’t get much easier than that.