Good guy/bad guy or girl…

We are writers here right? So no ones going to be bored reading this right?

My previous post (bedtime stories: I’ll think of something), dealt with a girl who might be considered an antagonist in the story. She’s a main character, but not very likable due to her constant lying. It isn’t until we see her hurt that we begin to have some compassion for her character.

Actually, that is based on my intent in writing the thing, not necessarily the readers viewpoint.

Anyway, that got me thinking about the whole good guy who is actually a bad guy thing. In the blog book I’m writing, there are several characters who appear to be something they aren’t (in a good/bad way).

I like that in stories. The surprise factor. Who the scoobydoo villain turns out to be. My question is, what do you think makes that work? Why are we compelled by and fascinated with the turn. The card shark who bluffs their way into millions. The preacher who is sleeping with the choir girl. The love story way too good to be true.

There is a popular song now, “Say Something” which illustrates this phenomenon. The desperation associated with love. Pain with healing.

Or, maybe I just read into stuff too much. Maybe it has nothing to do with that. Anyway, sorry so boring. I’m just thinking. A lot. Writing frees my mind, so, thanks for being a sounding board.