I have a secret. A few actually.

Sometimes I’ve written something so brilliant that I wait excitedly by the notifications, wondering who the lucky first reader will be. Although I don’t usually talk to myself in the comments about how good the writing is, except in this post, I do have some of those conversations in my head.

Another secret is that sometimes I have posters remorse so bad that I’ve published, trashed, republished, regretted, then wrote a new post because I felt guilty about how stupid the first one was, but I didn’t think it would be right to delete it again, so I hoped the first just wouldn’t get noticed.

Most of the time, I think something I write is good, but later I read it, and realize its stupid or the opposite happens.

Anyway, I guess I’m probably the only person who over analyzes their blog.

Best Thing About Being Sick

Even the dark circles that are usually under my eyes are pale.

On a side note…I really am sick, so I probably wont be posting too much in the next few days, so here are some other entertaining people for you all to check out: – He’s sick too 😦

There are many other great bloggers I follow, but I really just need to close my eyes for a bit. If I didn’t mention you, but I follow you, just pretend we are secret lovers or something…ok, maybe don’t pretend that…just know I still like your blog.