Parenting: Dog vs. Cat Children

Ok, I think it is about time that someone really analyzed this issue that I am sure every parent faces.

How to tell if your child is a cat or dog person. The following lists some of the definitive traits of each type of child.

Dog Children:

  • Loves to jump into your lap.
  • Needs plenty of time to play outside.
  • Occasionally has an “accident” outside of the designated toileting area.
  • Is always up for a game of catch.
  • Runs excitedly to the door each time the doorbell rings or someone knocks.
  • Chews on random objects.
  • Enjoys pats on the head when they perform well.
  • Is constantly trying to impress you with a new trick they have learned.
  • Stands near your chair and salivates as you eat the last bites of your ice cream.
  • Enjoys taking baths and runs around excitedly after each one.

Cat Children:

  • Would rather approach you about a subject than have you come to them.
  • Enjoys alone time and often wishes they were an only child.
  • Often jumps into your chair the moment you get up.
  • Loves to climb.
  • Sings/cries and walks slowly around your legs when you have a treat they want.
  • Lashes out and tries to appear larger when they feel cornered.
  • Covers/hides any mess that they make.
  • Uses body language to express things, because they don’t want to seem desperate.
  • Enjoys games when they perform surprise attacks on others.
  • Would rather bathe themselves than take an actual bath.

If you are a cat person parenting a dog child, or visa versa, do not panic…both types of children enjoy treats, understand changes is your tone of voice, and want your love. If you are having difficulties in your parenting, please contact your local PETA branch and ask for advice on dealing with certain situations.