Book: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

David didnt know, but there had been another pair of eyes watching him since he had stumbled out of the woods. Those eyes were wide eith terror as they watched his body convulse from the spider’s powerful venom.

Although she feared for David’s safety, she knew better than to move from her hiding spot.

“The spasms are slowing.

Is he dead?

Not if he’s who we think he is.

Touch him.

Ewww, i dont want to, you do it!

Get the girl, make her do it.

Girl! Girl child, get out here. GIRL!”

Sarah ran from the woodpile where she had been hiding.

As she went toward the boy, one of the women stuck her foot outand tripped Sarah.

“Stupid girl. Can’t you even walk right?

Touch the boy child. See if he’s alive.”

But i can’t, Sarah protested, it will hurt…

A firm slap silenced her. “Who told you to speak? Do it!”

Sarah slowly reached her hand toward the now still boy’s shoulder.

The moment her fingers made contact, she hastily withdrew them.

Thankfully it was enough. The boy softly moaned.

Sarah ran toward the woodpile. She wasn’t stopped. The women, satified the boy was still alive began to care for his wound and brought him a blanket.

One of the women approached Sarah.

“This boy, he’s special. You will be our eyes. Follow him. You must not lose sight of him, but you know what will happen if he sees you. Don’t screw this up.”

Sarah nodded, but she wanted to scream. Her heart was beating so fast, she thought it would pound through her chest. How would she follow him wherever he went? What if he saw her? She couldnt let that happen. No one else would die because of her. She didnt know how the women would see through her eyes, but she hoped it wouldnt hurt.

David was moving a little now, although his arm twitched occasionally.

He was alive. Sarah would be watching to see how long he would stay that way.