Dear Dryer: Your turn now buddy!

It has come to my attention that after my “Dear Washer” letter yesterday, you have been giving my soon-to-be-ex quite a difficult time. This letter is to inform you of certain…let’s say…inadequacies on your part. First of all, you make … Continue reading

Clothes and other annoying things

Before you start thinking I am a nudist, I don’t think all clothes are annoying…just anything other than pajamas.

When you think about it, there is no reason someone had to invent any other type of clothing (except maybe underwear). We have pajama jeans, hot and cold weather pajamas, sexy pajamas, super-comfortable pajamas, dressier pajamas, etc. The only reason any of us change out of our pajamas is because we feel obligated to by our clothes obsessed society (according to a study by the Hobbling Around Foundation aka me).

Another annoying thing in the “clothing category ” is shoes, although there are some situations which require them (hiking, public restrooms, kickball, etc.).

In the extremely annoying category are things that “beep”. I’m sure the first invention that made a beeping sound was probably really cool, but we have come a long way since then. We can duplicate and imitate almost any sound in the universe, and if we can’t produce a sound, we can record it, so it makes no sense why we still have so many things that beep. I mean, really, what would be so difficult about having a microwave or a dryer that plays a sonnet, or at least screams “I’m done”? (Actually, those would probably get annoying too, but at least it would lessen the “beeping” in our world).

Cell phones are yet another thing that can drive a person crazy. Other people talking loudly on cell phones is part of the annoyance, but also the ability and ease with which someone can contact you can get really old, really fast. The way that people use and carry their cellphones everywhere is a testament to how demanding cellphones actually are. It is almost as if we were scared not to have a way to reach everyone immediately if something happens. Not too long ago, people got by just fine without a phone they carried with them, and I think we would too.

Commercials are also annoying. Sometimes their content is, but the volume change between shows and their commercials is even worse. Why do the commercial producers feel it necessary to emphasize the annoyance of their product? Usually I just mute the commercials because of this. Listen up production companies: f your product is not good enough to be desired without you yelling at us, I don’t want your stuff.

Although there are many other things that are very annoying, people who talk too much are also, so I will wrap this post up. Feel free to leave your most annoying grievances, and maybe we can send a letter to all the companies/people who have made the list. I’m sure they find customer complaints very annoying. 🙂