There is something I’ve been wanting to tell you…

I still am not sure how to go about this, but you all have been so supportive this past month as I worked through my internal struggles. I used to not even notice, but it seems to just be getting worse. My husband is fed up with it, and my kids don’t even have their friends over anymore.

I think I’m a hoarder. It is not as bad as the people you see on tv…there are no rats or anything. This all started the more I stayed home. It is easy to just let stuff around you pile up, when you are in a wheelchair, and since I can’t really go shopping at real stores very often, the home shopping network has been my lifeline. Well, that and blogging.

This may, or may not seem like a big deal to you, but the problem is that since I can’t go upstairs very often, I keep most of the stuff downstairs. I put a lot under the stairs, but there is no more room. It is not like I am just wasting money on stuff I will never use…I have a purpose for everything I order, and I will use it, it is just that sometimes I order stuff for a period of time in the future. Also, sometimes I get stuff that reminds me of when my kids were little, because there are so many happy memories there.

Anyway, it is getting difficult to move around. My wheelchair is pretty wide, and paths seem to be getting smaller. I just need to do something, and I don’t know what. I would sell some of the stuff, but what if I need it later?

Okay, so sorry for all the drama, and I hope you are not disappointed that I am just hoarding stuff. I don’t even know if that is a real problem. Maybe it is just a different lifestyle, but I have watched that hoarders show, and they usually need professional help. Like I mentioned before, I don’t really want to go see a psychiatrist or anything, because of transportation issues. I just need some ideas on how to best deal with this. It is kind of embarrassing, and I don’t want to tell anyone in my regular life, because they would want to see my house and stuff. Talking about it to you seems like a better option.

Thanks for all your concern, and suggestions.

Why I Hate To Cook: Top Ten

#10. My mom read Hansel and Gretel to me and I’ve been scared of ovens ever since.

#9.  I’m trying to prove that preservatives are bad for you by eating only pre-cooked meals.

#8. It is a chore that never truly ends (similar to laundry and brushing your teeth).

#7. Too many reality tv shows about cooking…it’s way over-rated.

#6. Every ounce of energy and time spent cooking creates a waste after the meal… dishes, trash, leftover storage, moldy disposal of previous leftovers, bodily waste, and don’t get me started on picky eaters or other dinner time drama.

#5. Somehow a hair ends up in too many dishes. (Never the ones we serve to guests so if you are coming over, don’t worry).

#4. The pots and pans look so much nicer when they have never been used.

#3. Every time I chop vegetables, I worry that I might be killing the Veggie Tales characters.

#2. There are so many readily available crappy food restaurants, why make your own?

#1. If God had wanted me to cook, I wouldn’t only be able to make babies in my “oven”.

I never believed in ghosts…but now that my cake is disappearing…

It started like any other Friday, I was working diligently, sweat pouring from my brow, on all the daily housework (see that honey); when I realized that it was time for my littlest one to go to school. Since I … Continue reading

Temporary fixes for permanent problems

As I carefully backed my wheelchair over the wobbly ramp I had thrown together the other day, I started thinking about how many things I do that momentarily solve problems, but in the long run are pretty much useless.

Things like: putting makeup on, exercising, laundry, cooking, mowing, etc. Why is it that we spend so much time and effort on things that ultimately don’t matter? Ok, maybe we get pleasure from the acts, but that doesn’t usually last either. Short-term fixes are usually cheaper too, which I’m sure is a big reason they are so popular. So in the name of posterity, I have come up with more permanent fixes for these repetitive problems:

Putting makeup on – Permanent makeup aka tattoos. Not only would you never have to dirty wash-rags with your blue eyeshadow or hot pink lipstick; you could become a conversation topic everywhere you go. As for wrinkles and bags under the eyes, it has been said that if you put a vacuum cleaner hose up to your right ear, you can tighten your entire face with the push of a button. (This works best in front of a large group of people because wrinkles and bags tend to have stage fright.) *BONUS: Cuts down on TV commercial volume changes.

Exercising – This one is easy…clone yourself when you are in the best shape of your life. Freeze the clone (so it wouldn’t lose shape) and have a brain transplant when the weight starts coming back.

Laundry – Crayola might already be working on this one…dry erase clothes. Teens can make their own fashion statement, kids can practice their alphabet, and best of all…no laundry, just rub it off.

Cooking – Aside from a never-ending supply of space food, I’m not too sure about this one. Well, I guess you could go on that raw food diet thing, but that is still a lot of prep and mess. Probably the easiest thing would be to focus all scientific endeavors on finding a cure for bodily waste. If it’s not empty you can’t fill it up.

Mowing – Fake grass if you can afford it, if not, spray painted dirt. It might not have the same feel under your toes, but you could easily have the greenest yard on the block.

I’m in!

After being a prisoner in my home for the past three months (I got to go out sometimes with a walker, but I use a wheelchair most of the time and we didn’t have a ramp); I got up the courage to make a ramp into our garage.

There is just one step so I put some barbell weights staggered like stairs and placed a card table on it. My wheelchair is about 400 pounds, so I wasn’t sure if it would hold up, but I tried anyway and guess what? I made it…no broken bones, doors, card table, weights, etc! Now I can take the kids to Dollar General, Subway, a Donut shop, a bank, a liquor store…ok, scratch that last one.

As you can tell I am pretty excited and just wanted to share that. Being disabled does not mean you are helpless or any less creative than anyone else. In fact, I might just write a post about that. Thanks for letting me share my excitement.