Writing…Critic vs. Editor

As my other personality mentioned, I am trying to write a book. Funny thing is, I am not sure if I should. Sometimes I look at the writing and think “I am too self-absorbed” or “this is stupid”. The “angel” and “demon” sitting on writer’s shoulders, are really more of an “editor” and “critic”. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two. With this in mind:

How to tell if the voices inside your head are editors or critics:

If the comedic satire about your writing is more entertaining than the actual writing; it might be a critic.

If while you are writing you feel the need to “call for the manager”; it might be a critic.

If you are desperately resisting the push to throw the whole book in the trash; it might be a critic.

When you smell rotten tomatoes while you are typing; it might be a critic.

When you finally decide that writing a book is a waste of time; your critic might have just won.

On the other hand:

If you find yourself slicing up your manuscript as if it were Thanksgiving dinner; it might be an editor.

When you recognize how valuable spell check really is; it might be an editor.

If the quality of words is more important than the quantity; it might be an editor.

If you finish your book…and then find yourself writing it 3 more times; it might be an editor.

If you suck up your pride, fix your mistakes, and continue trying to find a publisher; your editor might have won.

Let’s fight the good fight my fellow writer friends. Your story and mine are worth telling.