Now, I know that no one who reads this blog would ever use any type of drug, illegal or not, but hypothetically speaking, what is your favorite, and why?

There is this show on about ecstasy. I’m listening to it while I do boring paperwork crap, and it is mentioning the “loving” effects of it, and how it is believed to increase empathy in people.

In my hypothetical drug past, ecstasy was a one time, and quite enjoyable adventure. Kind of like shrooms (not the type of high, just the fun factor) but x doesn’t taste like shit.

Now, remember drugs can be dangerous and deadly, so please don’t think I’m promoting drug use. I’m just wanting to avoid papers, and curious about people’s hypothetical experiences.

Anyway, I guess I should get back to paperwork. Oh yeah, I need some dance moves that I can do in my wheelchair while riding down the road. Might as well give people something to stare at and maybe bring a smile to some faces. I’ve always stunk at dancing, so any ideas are appreciated.