Help Me Die

Not right now, geeze, I’m not suicidal. I’m not homicidal, and if you are, please unfollow me.

This is a wife, and mother, with multiple sclerosis, and I’m in a wheelchair.

Please help spread the word about PD (proactive dying).I would like to set a date for my euthanasia.

For more info, keep reading, or just hit like/reblog now to spread the word. Thank you

Multiple sclerosis is not a terminal illness. It is disabling, and being accident prone doesn’t help any. I don’t want to die soon, but I would like to choose a date in the future when I would have my procedure. We put dogs to sleep, we have funerals, etc. but we can’t plan ahead?

Everyone should be able to die. The only reason we don’t already plan the date of it is because of stereotypical and traditional ideas. It’s time to start changing that. Please help me spread the word.

To be continued…

*In a way, I kind of am homicidal, but only toward myself, and it isn’t anytime soon, so don’t be freaks about this please.