It started out well,
It was all going fine.
Then I felt a small tug,
Like I’d snagged a fishing line.

It was probably nothing
So I chose to ignore.
It wouldn’t be long
Till I would reach the shore.

I’m changing the world
One smile at a time.
Reaching the goal
Is all falling in line.

It’s gaining momentum
I’m building speed
Having to stop
Is the last thing I need.

Finally I see it
That long-awaited shore
I’ve made it this far,
Just a bit more.

Soon I will be there,
And then I can rest.
Then the tugging again.
Is it some kind of test?

It pulls me down hard,
And I no longer sail.
It becomes quite clear
That my mission will fail.

It tortures my mind
Who do you think you are?
You should have known
That you’d never get far.

You were never meant
To be anything more
Than a broken body
The world should ignore.

The undertow of depression
Is so hard to fight.
Especially when I know
That it’s probably right.

So what should I do
When it all fades to black?
Wave a white flag?
Try to fight back?

Or simply remember
This won’t last too long.
Return to each moment.
Turn the pain into song.

Maybe I’ll make it.
Maybe I won’t.
At least I’m a girl
Who got into the boat.