Sometimes it is better not to sleep.

After being awake for a few hours tonight, I decided to try going back to sleep. In about another hour, I finally did fall asleep.

For whatever reason, when I fall asleep after being awake for a while, I usually dream…really realistic, vivid dreams.

Anyway, in my dream some person from highschool came to my house, which was weird and interesting. We also have a small tree in the back yard, which in my dream was really, really tall and had a cat and a friend perched on it.

As I talked to my friend (who had magically come down from the tree without climbing or falling) we started walking toward the gate to the front yard. (Ok, here is the I should have never gone to sleep part, remember, this is only a dream…thank God).

In our front yard we have a small tree as well. The neighborhood kids love to climb in and play on this tree, but in my dream one of the neighborhood kids and an adult (maybe a dad or something) were sitting on a branch. As I watched, the branch bent down, and as if in slow motion, broke, suddenly turning as big as a tree trunk and falling on the group of children gathered underneath.Two of which were mine.

As most of you know, I am in a wheelchair, but I can use a walker for short distances. In this dream, I had my walker and I hobbled toward the branch looking desperately for my two. I soon saw their faces and torso’s and they were alive and moving a little, but you know when a kid gets hurt so bad they don’t even cry right away? That was the case. I started screaming lift it off (which now that I think about it might have been the wrong thing to do with compression injuries, but I was dreaming, and freaking out, so cut me some slack), and then I thankfully woke up.

Anyway, I know I usually write humor, but I am still really shook up from the whole dream, so just pretend you read my blog for more than just laughs. I am working on a life-changing, humorous post, but it is taking a long time because I have to do research.

That being said, I think I am going to make some coffee cause it will probably be a long day. I do feel better after writing it out, but I could use some prayers to get through the day on a few hours sleep. Thanks for listening.