A few last minute Christmas gift ideas for husbands:

Write him a book: The great thing about this idea is that you don’t actually have to write a whole book…your husband probably won’t read it anyway. Just write a few pages, dedicate the book to him, and then paste those pages into some romantic book like “Lady and the Tramp”. A new book cover and you are ready to go.

The Sleep Inducer: What! You haven’t heard of this? Well here is the link: http://wp.me/p1Cvgh-4b

Coupon booklet: If you have children they have probably made you a few of these, but basically you just write a few “coupons” for housework or other things. The great thing about this gift is that after Christmas, your hubby will leave this book lying around somewhere. Before he gets a chance to cash the coupons in, just hide the book. Your husband will not want to get into a fight about how he could have lost the book you worked so hard on, so he will probably not even mention that it is missing.

A blow up doll: Not that kind…you and your dirty minds. One of those things that you blow up and then punch…it’s like a punching bag, but cheaper and easier to wrap. They come in all sorts of characters like Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob. Your hubby needs something that he can take his frustrations out on and it can be a great workout.*

Bows: One of the great things about Christmas is that you can slap a bow on something and it suddenly becomes a gift. Bows can be conveniently stuck to almost anything that your husband seems to enjoy…guns, tv, money, body parts, etc.

Merry Christmas and Good Luck!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Up On The Housetop: Do it yourself guide.

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Santa Baby (Mom Version)

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You want to be with me?

If you met yourself walking down the street, would you be interested in that person? Would you like to take yourself out for a drink, or maybe take you home to have a little more of an intimate encounter? After a few days would you still want to be with you?

If you are anything like me, you might take a second glance. You may even say hi to yourself, but out for drinks? Bringing that person into your home? That is a little more complicated.

Just so we are clear, I’m not talking about liking the fake you. I’m talking about the real one. The one currently still in her pajamas. The one that can be laughing one minute and crying the next. The one who yells at her kids. The one who hates his job. The ugly one.

There are a lot of things that are out of your control. You may not be perfect, but you can become someone you like. You can also learn to like the person you are. Best of all, you can have a good time doing it. At least I hope so. I’m not my favorite person either, so I hope you don’t mind me tagging along on this journey to wanting to be with ourselves.

Once a week I’ll be posting on this topic. Unless I am hormonal, or pessimistic, or lazy…or busy making excuses. Okay, I’ll post if you show up. We have to like each other while we learn to like ourselves.

Whiners of the World Unite!

I have a dream…men and women of all nations, uniting for a common good. Of course, with our luck, that “common good” would turn out to be some pyramid scheme.

Let’s just have a pity party and whine about it. Oh yeah, we already are.

If you have not written a post full of misery, you should. Therapists around the world make money off whiners. Why not feel sorry for yourself free here? The blog world is a perfect place to talk about your problems.

Most of us have blogging friends who care. Or we are one of those mean, and/or whiny-every-day people who has already lost everyone. You might be new to blogging, and you are just thinking about what you will complain on your blog about. If that is the case, check out the posts of people who have already had their pity parties today, and see how it should be done.

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Lisa Summerlin: All In A Day’s Whine

Edward Hotspur: Hobbler’s Pity Party is the post he wrote, but it isn’t really very whiny, so I’ll link to His Blog in General. He is a good whiner and a great writer when he wants to be. Or is it the other way around…

Hobbler: It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

No matter what your situation is, there are people who are worse off than you. There are many more people who are better off than you, so if you can’t think of anything else to say, complain about those people.

Remember to link, and each day I will painstakingly, with much effort, while my hair is on fire, etc. put a list together of all your “poor me” posts. Also, skip your blog roll this weekend, and read these people’s  posts. I promise you won’t regret it.

Pity Party Starts Tomorrow

This is a quick reminder that the pity party starts tomorrow, and it’s going through Monday now. WIM2S and Mooselicker are in for sure now too. It will probably be the best blog experience ever. If it’s not, that’s one more thing to whine about, so either way it will be awesome.

Remember to check this blog out, but more importantly, have your own pity party on your blog and link here, so we can find you. Have fun…but not too much fun, or it will ruin the mood.

Here’s another challenge for everyone…

I have another idea. What if we, as narcissistic bloggers, were to go a whole day without saying “I”. I am obviously not doing this today, but tomorrow might be kind of fun to try it. Since everyone loves awards … Continue reading