Sending out a message:

To the world.

To you.

It’s my fault.

I look at my life and all I see is messy and broken.

It angers you.

It sickens you.

It defeats me.

This is not a cry for help for myself, but for you.

There is only one solution, and it will only anger you further.

I am bad for you.

Disastrous for the kids.

If I could go back, I would have run away.

Away from you.

From everything and everyone.

But now I’m here.

Ruining everything and everyone.

Prolong the agony, or end the pain?

Flip a coin.


Words silence the screams.

They draw life out like a leech.

They hold something magical and powerful, yet it’s not enough.

Enough fighting

Enough heartbreak.

Enough pain.

We’ve had enough.