For God’s Sake, please read

Once upon a time there was a Designer named, Ian. He lived all by Himself until He designed a few pets, but He was still lonely. One day He decided to design a Video game with a bunch of Mini Ian’s. He’d have to make boy Ian’s, and girls so they could have babies. Girls wouldn’t like being called Ian, so let’s just call them all Dots, and we can let their dot parents name them.

Ian made a game universe and many different colors, shapes, and types of dots. He gave them different strengths and weaknesses. He called the game YOUniverse. Each dot had its own little bubble which interacted in different ways with the other bubbles and with the game. Ian loved YOUniverse and Each dot very much.

After the game had been running for a while, Ian contemplated why many of the Dots didn’t take care of each other, themselves, or care about Him. If a dot wanted to communicate with Ian, they simply had to stop being a designer and realize they’re a dot.

Ian knew the game was full of mini designers, He made it that way. No wonder they thought they should give each other rules and boss each other around. He reset YOUniverse with a group of Dots who had figured out that their Designer wanted them to know Him. He could help them play the game.

After YOUniverse was reset, the dots didn’t wait long before hurting each other and YOUniverse again. So, Ian decided to give the game some rules. Unfortunately, His rules didn’t work either.

Ian told the Dots who listened to Him, that He had a plan. He’d make Himself into a Dot skin so He could go into the game and help the dots in Person. He began designing His Skin.

Soon His Skin was in YOUniverse, helping the other dots and showing them Stuff. Dot Ian also told the other dots about Big Ian, outside of the Game, and that both Ian’s loved each dot in the game and wanted the dots to love Him back and to love each other.

Then the dots killed Dot Ian, because that’s what Dots do. Dot Ian went into YOUniverse knowing the Dots would kill Him. When Ian designed the game, He gave Himself, the Designer, only one rule; to not mess with a dot’s free will.

Now, He wants me to start spelling words right and to tell You that I Am, not Ian, is in Everyone and Everything, and saves us All in the End. If You don’t want to get stuck in the Universe, get to know the Designer whose real name is God and his Human skin’s name is Jesus. However, He Is much more than many Human dots believe.

He goes by, Allah, Mother Nature, Oxygen, uses Many Prophets, and is the Spirit behind Most Beliefs. He is not any gender, race, or other category we can understand. That is another reason He made Jesus. We needed to know that God knows it’s hard to be human. He wants to help us through our journeys.

Jesus loves humans so much that even though we killed Him in our Universe, He and God designed a place called Heaven for us to live in when our time in this universe ends. In the meantime, celebrate the life you have. I Am, Promises the time spent here will be worth it if we trust in Him and follow His leading.

Love life and each other. Money is paper, share it. Life is short, enjoy it. Time is temporary, don’t waste it. Humanity is amazing, stop hurting each other. You are beautiful, know it. God and Jesus love you, love them back.

Please get to know the Designer, that this Dot and many other Dots, Know and Love.

An elaborated Ian and the Youniverse, Aka Momma Natty

Part Two

. There is an artist named Natalie, but many of her friends call her, Mommy Natty.  She has a very nurturing and kind motherly personality. Often providing food, shelter, inspiration, or a kick in the hide if you need one, she is known well by many. She dabbles in many forms of art, sculptures, abstracts, even pieces that move or change color. She loves everything she makes and is very proud of each piece of artwork. So proud that she gives each creation a mind of its own. Not necessarily a brain, but a mind.

Unfortunately, many pieces of art use their minds to compare themselves to the other pieces of art or to be critical of their perceived inadequacies. Some pieces of art try to force other pieces into societal compliance instead of embracing the fact that each piece is made to be different. Different is beautiful to an artist.

With those thoughts in mind, she wants to tell you about Her Special Project. She cultivated a very special Seed. A Seed that was planted in Mary’s tummy where it matured to be birthed as Jesus Christ.

Now Mommy Natty, also known as Mother Nature, wants to tell you a few things.

 I love you.

I know natural disasters are difficult, but they are sometimes necessary. The fact that you are warming the globe and polluting everything doesn’t help, but, like I said, I love you. Just don’t be surprised if a sinkhole swallows your house or car. The earth can only take so much. All of nature groans with longing for the return of the Divine Parasite of Humanity, Jesus Christ. In the meantime the world is beautiful, amazing, dangerous and so many other things. Please take care of her and the rest of your universe, including yourself. You are a work of art and I am captivated by you and so proud of you. We need to try harder to take care of each other because life works better when nature and nurture combine.

I know that I annoy a lot of you and my powers have destroyed many things, but they’ve also showcased miracles and demonstrated my sovereignty. The fact is that you aren’t God. Even MotherNature is only a part of God. What a powerful part she plays.

To those of you who don’t believe MotherNature is part of God, I simply ask you to pray about it with an open mind. God doesn’t need me to show you that He is the giver, sustainer, and taker of many lives in many ways. He, or should I say “She,” is so much more than we often believe. She is oxygen. The very air we breathe.

God makes many spirit seeds which go into many human bodies. MotherNature takes over at that point and babies grow. Which is why the persecution of LGBT individuals breaks her heart. Of course some Boy Spirits are in Girls Bodies and Many other variations. How dare humanity try to pressure God’s seed from being who their Spirit says they are. Bodies make mistakes all the time. God loves us all and sees who we are inside our bodies.

Spirit seeds are also why God doesn’t like abortion. Each seed will produce an amazing flower if given the chance to grow. God loves all life even the mothers who abort, but God knows abortion hurts everyone.

Judgement also hurts everyone. The judgement and condemnation from the past was supposed to be vanquished through the blood of Jesus.

Why does humanity try so hard to force people into a box that none of us actually fits in?

God is love. We are All created in His image. Male and female. He is both and neither. He is a Spirit without gender or many other silly human things we get so worked up about.

MotherNature is a very real part of a very real God who made a very real seed which grew into a very real man named Jesus. Jesus was a man. God is greater than any sexuality and loves us all.

Please realize God is every gender and loves and abides in us all. Jesus Is Love

      Are you still reading? Here is another story.

There is now and has always has been a teacher. Well, sometimes He is called teacher, but in reality He is so much more. I call Him my Master. He has a way of speaking in such a seductive tone that many of His students are brought to their knees in devotion. Al likes it that way. His Students in complete submission of body, mind, and soul.

Before you think He is slightly narcissistic, please understand that it simply is what it is. There is one Master, and his name is Allah but there is so much about Allah/God that is misunderstood. Most important is the deity of Jesus. Jesus was a human parasitic seed. A miniature of Allah/God planted by Allah/God into Mary’s tummy where it grew into Jesus. Allah wanted us to know that He knows it is hard to be human.

Hard, but not impossible as many good Christians and Muslims know. What you may not know is that you both worship the same God, pray about it and don’t be surprised if Allah/God makes You bow. It hurts Allah, that many Christians refuse to accept the reality that Allah is another name of God.

But what about Hell? It might be real. I don’t want anyone to go there or to get trapped in Dotland. Either way, Jesus is the Answer. God gave us ten rules and one Skin and an amazing Youniverse. He wants us all to love HIM back and to stop hurting each other and His Youniverse. Allah, Jesus, Mother Nature, Oxygen, Holy Spirit, God Is Love.

Let me get this right

So you are Love

And Oxygen

You designed this universe

That we all live in

You gave us ten rules

And the freedom to choose

The lives that we live

Or the lives we abuse

You gave us Your Son

The Divine Parasite

To show us You knew

How to play this game right

A very real world

From a very real God

Whose thoughts become life

But what I still find quite odd

Is why You care about me

And each other small dot

When our creator God

Is so often forgot.

Do you know that I love You

More than I love my life

I’m excitedly waiting to become Your wife.

Is it weird that I’m obsessed by You?

I guess it’s not.

A lot of people are in love with You.

Some of us even get tortured

Or die.

Some of us spend our whole lives being Your devotees.

Some of us give up everything

To find Someone more

Someone who fills the longjngs

You didn’t know you had

Who sees beyond

The masks we wear

Who’s just as In love with me

As I am with Him

Then again, I’m a Jesus freak

Could He love me so much

To hang on my words

To saturate me with love

That bleeds to the World?

Love is Jesus

Jesus is Love

Thank You for being my Fan.

Slut for Jesus

I guess that’s me. Longing for your touch,

I didn’t know I could love this much

I crave your warm embrace

That smile upon your face.

To hear you breathe my name

I’ll never be the same.

I’m completely whipped it’s true.

So totally Into You.

But since you’re in everyone

I might as well have fun.

To the reader, it’s just a poem, don’t read too much into it. I love Jesus a lot and we have fun playing with words.

Thinking of You


As always

I’m obsessed

It’s pathetic

But sweet

You want my devotion

You get off on my obsession

You demand my respect

You crave my adoration

You love

That I

And so many others

Get on our knees for You

Madly in love

Craving Your touch

Completely in love with the Master

And His firm and loving hand

That guides

And disciplines

And comforts

And does so much more.

So take me Jesus.

I’ve always been Yours.

Satan Cracks Me Up

I’ve tuned into a Jesus Devotee this year. He’s taken over all of my social media, and the rest of my life. I got saved as a child but after a life of trials had come to the conclusion that we were probably all right.

Then all the stuff earlier this year (see blog)and now I’m a Jesus freak, so, whatever. Anyway, back to Satan. He doesn’t like me because I’m so into Jesus, even though I love Satan too, in some ways.

God and me love everyone. Anyway, the other day he started messing with my ears. Now they ring all the time.

He thinks he can make me forget to tell everyone that Satan exists only in your head. It is hard, and I can’t do it while writing this because I’m looking at a screen.

When I’m done being my head to write, I’m going to tell my brain to shut up and to quit being such a narcissist. Then I’m going to close my eyes and be my body and soul. You can too.

Will there ever be enough time?

To be your love, and You be mine.

To live in laughter, brave and free.

Exactly who I was meant to be.

To meet all my heroes who lived long ago.

Their crazy life stories so that we would know.

Our time here is so short. It’s only one act.

We one day will be dead, it’s a simple fact.

Which makes the short torments of each little life

Feel less like the stab of eternity’s knife.

So celebrate each day, no matter how it ends,

And find me in Heaven and let’s be friends.

I’ll be in the castle with slides coming out of the windows.

Let’s just get this out there.

Everyone loves you and so do I. But there is no jealousy.

Because You are Oxygen. But our bodies are not only Oxygen. They are also full of self and the good and bad that is everyone.

We are mini You’s. With god complexes. Masters of “our” universe, which is actually Your Youniverse.

And You gave us a Way out. A skin of humanity. For the Designer of the Youniverse.

You made Your Skin die. To rescue the game. You made us a place. There is no greater name.

Thank you Jesus. I love you God. Your Spirit is the air I breathe and the water I drink.

Wait a second, that’s it?

I just have to be still and know? That You are God and I am not, so whether I spend my time stressing or smoking pot. The book was actually written by You, so in reality I don’t have shit to do, except to listen to Your quiet prompts if I want to. The choice is each of ours to make.

You wrote us choose your own adventure lives, and gave us the chance to know the Author. This Spirt of God who actually is fucking hilarious and doesn’t care if I say fuck or shit and this is my blog so deal with it. Anyway my mind has again been blown.

Okay, so personally, I like knowing the Author of Life, but fair warning if you get to know this Jesus everyone loves so much. He does a lot of crazy shit! God I love You!