Reminding me that Life is hard

Convincing me that I am broken

Desperate for Your touch

Longing for release

An escape from this world of pain

Why do You wait so long?

I’m hurting and losing hope

But not faith

I know you’ll rescue me

Save me from the heartache

From the pain

From the futility of existence

From my thoughts

Be my help

See my pain

Save me agaun

Like You always do

Why do you like writing?

Why do you like to write?

Why do you like to write?

We often bleed words until dawns first light

The shadows chased left a long time ago

So the mood will shift and the words come out slow

Fly with your fingers. Dance with the word

Your voice is so beautiful. Let it be heard,

Question for everyone

See if you can agree with any of this.

Allah is the Aramaic word for God, right? Jesus was the humanoid half man/God, right?
Mother Nature is a term we use to showcase acts of God, right?
The Holy Spirit is the personal Spirit of God, right?

When they wrote the Bible, Islam wasn’t a thing yet, but as Beth Moore and most Christians and Muslims know, God likes it when we bow, honor His Words, Love His seed turned God/man, Jesus, and follow His Profits, right?

If you agree with these and you are a Muslim or a Christian, realize you both worship the same God, and guess what, He’s LGBT friendly because He is Mother Nature too. He gave us ten rules and one human skin, Jesus, and many religious books/songs/prophets. Jesus loves us all And wants us all to know Him.

He wants us to quit bossing each other around, love and follow Jesus (God’s skin as a human), worship Him, and be nice to each other and our universe, or She’ll kick our ass, right?

The voice in your head, aka, the sound of silence, aka the Holy Spirit, which is actually God/Allah/Jesus and is in everyone, tells you that you do. Perhaps. I’m just a dot, as are you in the grand scheme of things. Ask Mother Nature, or ask God, Jesus, Allah, or the Holy Spirit.

Is it weird that I’m obsessed by You?

I guess it’s not.

A lot of people are in love with You.

Some of us even get tortured

Or die.

Some of us spend our whole lives being Your devotees.

Some of us give up everything

To find Someone more

Someone who fills the longjngs

You didn’t know you had

Who sees beyond

The masks we wear

Who’s just as In love with me

As I am with Him

Then again, I’m a Jesus freak

Could He love me so much

To hang on my words

To saturate me with love

That bleeds to the World?

Love is Jesus

Jesus is Love

Thank You for being my Fan.

Money is paper

But sometimes it is fun

To pretend I had many dollars

Instead of just one.

Then I laugh at myself

Silly girl, you’re just fine

No need to worry, regret, or whine.

You see, I’ve a God who has streets made of gold.

The time on this planet is not meant to hold

Me trapped in doubt,or buried in fear.

So even when the path is not clear.

I choose to believe that You already know

The perfect plan and how it should go.

So I rest in anticipation of what’s next to come.

Humbled by the power of God’s Holy Son.

Am I a Glutton for Punishment?

Do I enjoy the pain

Torturing myself till I go insane

Wanting to Fly

But chained to the floor

Agony seems to be what I was made for

Sitting in shit

Languishing tears

Entrapped by inadequacy

Haunted by fears

Yet there is something that lingers inside

A mystery that still is trying to hide

Maybe if I will stay so very still

A voice will talk to me and tell me God’s will.

Poetry is dead?

I’m reblogging but also editing a touch because I kept trying to comment and it wouldn’t post. I don’t know if poetry is dead. The Spirit that inspires it is definitely alive and goes by Allah/Jesus/HolySpirit/God/MotherNature. I think the same Spirit that inspired most religious texts also inspires most poets. It calls itself, The Word, in Genesis 1:1.

Back to the reblog.

Poetry Is dead Death is inevitable, painful and is a rather complicated stage for the living. There is no definite finality of it either, as there …

Poetry is dead

Help Me God

I cry out to You, because I don’t know what I should do.

To get financial support when I’m technically okay.

But there is so much more in play.

It’s also about teaming up to change the World.

God’s arms stretch far when his flag is uncurled.

Giving joy to others and sharing. A Smile.

Two lives can bring much more joy for a while.

What if it is simply a ploy? A controlling man wanting me to bring joy.

I Except that this all seems to good to be true.

So decision time and What will I do?

Although I trust God I just want to sleep. Knowing some promises people don’t keep.

I just need to stop and try not to think, and apologize for any hope on the brink.

Everything seems to be happening so fast. I thought that real love is the type that will last.

My legs hurt a lot, so perhaps I will try to get on the couch so goodnight and goodbye.