Forever Yours

Forever Yours

You helped me to stand on my own.

You publicly and privately protected and nurtured me.

Your “love” and “guidance” were steady and sheltering.

Your passion was severe.

You own parts of me, and those parts are a daily reminder of your love.

A “me” we can all live with, is the “me” you helped create.

I will always love you.

Even when you fall in love with someone else.

Yes, we can survive.

Yes, we’re each getting stronger.

Yes, I am happier, as are you.

Part of me is still forever yours.

A small glimmer of hope prevailed.

A life for each of us is possible.

Healthy relationships are possible.

We are each smart.

We are each valuable.

We are both good at so many things.

Can’t we love again?

Can’t we accept each other again?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

No to the last two.

Our love, isn’t “again”. Neither of us want’s that “again”.

We have a new love. A love that values, appreciates, and supports our differences.

Stronger than any hate, my love for you

Is forever yours.

Santa Baby (Mom Version)

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