If You Give a Man a Manicure…

* This post is in no way related to the brilliant work of author Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,  http://lauranumeroff.com/index.htm although mice and men do have several things in common 😉

  Screen bean character wearing a top hat and looking in a mirror

If you give a man a manicure, he will probably want a pedicure to go with it.

As he is watching the foreigner poke at his toes, he will start thinking about how old his shoes are getting.

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After the pedicure he will most likely go to the shoe store and try on several pairs. When he finds the one he likes best, he will want to get some clothes to go with the shoes.

While looking for shirts, he will notice how tan the models for each brand are. He will buy some clothes and go off to the tanning bed.

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As he is laying in the bed, his back will probably hurt which will make him think he should get a massage.

When he leaves the masseuse, he will walk past a barber shop and decide to stop in for a trim and a shave.

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If he starts walking away from the shop after his haircut, a little girl will probably tell him he “looks pretty”.

When he looks at his reflection in the shop window, he will be horrified and hurry home to fix everything. He will; mow the lawn, change the oil in the car, dig a ditch, etc. Until he is hot, dirty, and stinky.

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When he feels like a man again, he will want to get a little cleaned up.

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As he tries to get the dirt and oil out from his finger nails, he will realize he might need…

a manicure.